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Thursday, June 6th, 2002
2:34 am - too much coffee=still awake and thinking


I act like I'm 22.
This test was brought to you by James - Part of the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.

today was alrite. went to south st tonite w/ rachel and john, then went to the carnival for a bit rite before it closed. i like not having to get up for school in the morning...i sleep till about one or two every day. tomorrow is my last day off, then i gotta make up the exams i missed. it would suck if rachel had to move. you can come live with me if you want. i need to just fight everybody and get it over with. all the shit is from the past though...it's like punishing a dog for shitting on the carpet 2 weeks ago. whatever, ppl are retarted, they need to grow up. "i have the inconvenience of knowing you" isn't a reason to want to fight somebody.

current mood: awake

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Friday, May 24th, 2002
12:52 am
i'm 50's elvis!

Take the Which Elvis Are You? quiz</a>, made by sacha.

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12:27 am - one, two, fuck you
yo i NEED to go to PROM TOMORROW. i NEED a ticket though. i wasnt planning on going, but things have def. changed. mando should have asked me...i love that girl haha. but i got a better date so fuck that.

if you got a ticket to the prom and arent going or have an extra one please let me know, b/c it would suck if i didnt get to go...but theres always the after party...

current mood: needs a cigarette.

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Wednesday, May 15th, 2002
9:24 am - if you dont like it...dont read it
i think its time my lj became friends only.

current mood: fuckin great

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12:02 am - damn straight
congradulations!!! if you are looking at this, you are one of my friends. if not....eat a dick.

current mood: post-high

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Saturday, May 11th, 2002
2:38 am - i heart black girls
i got into a car accident yesterday. theres a big fuckin dent on the side of my car...and i hit my head. im alrite though.

we went to hooters tonite. that was hot...and so were the girls. me and zara have made plans to go to illusions too...we'll prolly go tomorrow nite if i dont go to the show. were just gonna get fucked up and yell at all the strippers till we get kicked out. and she wants to go buy some porn b4 we go too hahah...we're gonna call it naked day. i wanted to go to the strip joint for the breakfast buffet, but whatever.


current mood: horny

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Friday, May 3rd, 2002
1:42 am

Which Angry White Boy Band are You?

test by endofsanity

OMG i just saw my three-legged dog have a wet dream...this is sooo horrible....yeah, im def. scarred for life now....im gonna have to grow up never feeling like a real man

current mood: throwing up

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Thursday, May 2nd, 2002
2:17 pm
im lookin for some brass knuckles...

anyone know where i could find some at??

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Monday, April 29th, 2002
12:29 am

current mood: i dunno

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Sunday, April 28th, 2002
8:16 pm - score.
jacob got a lipring

current mood: working

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Friday, April 26th, 2002
10:04 pm - yoooo...damn thats it
70% addicted to Instant Messenger. How about you?

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Wednesday, April 24th, 2002
11:46 am - jacob is gettin some
somebody said she would have sex with me if i die my hair back to the brown

current mood: naughty

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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002
9:47 pm - i now have big sexy holes in the side of my head
ok, my parents just told me they're gonna pay me 200 fuckin dollars to let my plugs close up!!!!! swweeeeeett.....i was thinkin about takin them out anyways, but the plugs are now gone


current mood: horny from the faint

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9:46 am - i cant find a lighter
i am at manda and rachels house, they are at school....my mom wants to be a psycho lately and disconnect our computer, then hide the wires hahahahah yyyyyeeeaahh, fuckin nutjob, so im here using the comp. in rachels room..what do you want from me???....but this weekend was mad tiring...i dont even remember most of what happened (thats why i never update).....john just called me and told me i was nuts for being in here w/ nobody here hahaha yeah whatever....but i need a cigarette reeeeaaall bad but my lazy ass dont feel like gettin up and walkin outside to my car.....oooh yeah, and big ups to manda for invitin me to the faint...i always thought they were just a fag bad who played techno music hahaha...but that shit was rockin..i was still dancing even after the music stopped haha.........aaaahh hhaaa johnny just called, he lost his license, so he needs me to buy him a pack of cigerts....im out

current mood: drunk

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Tuesday, April 9th, 2002
6:21 pm
i was suspended today.

my mom just came home...i feel like shit...i lied to her face, this sux

current mood: blah

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Saturday, April 6th, 2002
4:28 am - black people love me.....and i love them
thugcorefolife: just be like, look dad, "don't tell me how to live"
with glass wings: yeah it dont even matter
with glass wings: hes not gonna do anythin
with glass wings: hes asleep
with glass wings: if he was mad or somethin he would prolly be up waitin for me
thugcorefolife: damn right
thugcorefolife: hahahah
with glass wings: yeah fuck the 5-0
with glass wings: punk-ass fudge packers
thugcorefolife: hahahaha
thugcorefolife: i wanna have a little kid like that
thugcorefolife: a little black girl that calls people punk ass fudge packers
thugcorefolife: she will be like my sidekick
thugcorefolife: hahaha
thugcorefolife: she will move in the apartment with me and man arms
with glass wings: i am a little black girl
with glass wings: i have my own apartment
with glass wings: whats up???
with glass wings: hahaha
thugcorefolife: hahahah
thugcorefolife: that was the funniest thing i ever heard you say
thugcorefolife: hahahah
thugcorefolife: prolly not
thugcorefolife: but it was a good one
thugcorefolife: i am laughing out loud
thugcorefolife: hahah
with glass wings: hahah
with glass wings: im a sexy sexy man
thugcorefolife: i thought you were a black girl
thugcorefolife: haha
with glass wings: shut up, ill do what i want
with glass wings: you dont know me
with glass wings: hahahahah
with glass wings: thats def. some info worthy shit
thugcorefolife: hahhaa
thugcorefolife: good times
thugcorefolife: black people are going to see your info and want to hurt you
thugcorefolife: hahah
with glass wings: hahah
with glass wings: nah they love me
thugcorefolife: hahahah
thugcorefolife: i need a cigarette.
with glass wings: sweet

Auto response from thugcorefolife: thugcorefolife: XcigarettesX
thugcorefolife: put yo hands up
with glass wings: XcigertsX
with glass wings: spedxcore fo life

with glass wings: ok im goin to bed now
with glass wings: my mom is gettin up to go to work soon

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Friday, April 5th, 2002
4:57 am
yeah, for some reason im still awake

current mood: eyes are still open

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Thursday, April 4th, 2002
2:47 am - im not awake
yeah, i dont remember half of the shit that happens.......anyways i remember i went to best buy today, i got the stretch arm strong cd ive been lookin for..yeah the one i found broke in half under my seat...i got a stray cats cd and a piebald cd....yeah my fuckin aunt bought me this nice ass cd burner for my 18th b-day, but my piece of shit comp isnt good enough, so ive got fuckin like $170 worth of store credit there.....we went to cd world for a bit....oh yeah, we went to m-town mall, and before we left we sprayed some fuckers w/ silly string and then sped off, that was sweet hahah. ok im goin home.

current mood: awake

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Monday, April 1st, 2002
4:12 am - yea, i almost pissed myself
ok, so i just get back from manda and rachels, me and alyssa are sittin there watchin tv and a phone rings...holy shit, so i peace out the back door...i think im good to go...i check my pockets, no keys...im like fuck! so i go up to the front door and try tappin on the window, i see alyssa turn the tv off and lay down...then i hear footsteps comin down the hallway, im like mother fucker...so i try to hide behind the door where you cant see through the window..then the footsteps start comin closer to the door, then her dad opens the door and jumps back like 5 ft, he was like "jesus christ jake what are you doin here?" im like "yea,i left my phone here" (so it didnt seem like id been there the whole time) then her dad just leaves n is like "dont lock the door"....then her mom comes out and is like "you better get out of here before scott sees you" and im like "nah he already saw me, its cool" and just said oh ok....so i find my keys and get the fuck out of there

current mood: cold

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Monday, March 25th, 2002
5:34 pm - for all tha thug lifers out there
blah blah blah...dyin hair...blah blah blah...takin pills...blah balah blaaah...smokin out...blah blah

current mood: ihearuwannagetfuckedintheass??

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